Ruislip, The Lido Art Deco Building c.1965
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Art Deco

Our archivist's pick of photos depicting this unmistakable architectural style which originated in the 1920s.

A Selection of Memories from Ruislip

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Looking at all the photo's of Ruislip it makes you want to go back in time. If only for a day or two. Simpler times, less people, less traffic and less gadgets. Going to Ruislip with mum. To Williams Brothers where there were no loyalty cards, just bonus tin money, which you collected to get money off goods. Watch the blacksmith, feed the ducks. Then have to walk home because you couldn't get on the bus because ...see more
Back in the 1950's, on the way home from the Sacred Heart School, we sometimes used to come down the High Street and go to the blacksmiths. They were located between the duck pond and the bowling green. We used to stand at the doorway and watched as horses were shod, wheels repaired, gates and ornamental fences made from steel. The roar of the furnace, the bellows going, the smell of the hot shoes being ...see more
In 1969/1970 I was a copywriter and art director in the Kodak A&P Dept, working on the international Kodak Calendar and the quarterly magazine, 'Kodak View' (later, just 'View') . The building is seen in the photograph. The department moved there from the Harrow/Wealdstone buildings in the '60s. Coincidentally, living close to us in our Pinner house were two other (unrelated) people who ...see more
Lived in Ruislip most of my life. I also knew the Stockdales; last saw him at the Lido in the 70's. The picture of the village also shows Haileys toy shop as well as The Village sweet shop. Next to Barbara's Pantry was a shop called the Priory. My father used to be a coppersmith and after the war sold many of his copper wares to the shop. Just past the Police Station was a shoe repairers called Lear & Gristwood. ...see more