A Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis FrithA Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis Frith

Memories of Sale, School Road c1960

We used to live at the bottom end of Manor Ave. I went to Cecil Ave Boys from 1962-1966. We had nicknames for all the teachers who were very stern in those days. Remember the headmaster Mr. Jackson who we called the Beak because of his nose. Got the cane many times in his office, but no harm done. After school hours, I delivered with one of those bikes with the metal basket on the front delivering ...see more

The little van that can be seen in the photo was my dadss. He owned the shop on the corner of Springfield Rd (Baker Bros), an ironmongers. Lots of your parents would have known it. Used to sell everything. Happy Days.

Added 13 November 2013
I have clear and wonderful memories of 1958 and 1959 cycling down School Road and then Ashton Lane to my girlfriend Joan's house on Totnes Road. I remeber too, taking her into Woolworths to buy a hoop for her skirt which was very stylish then. I have thousands of wonderful and warm memories of those glorious years. A quieter, calmer, simpler time. How I miss those years. Although it's changed a bit since then, I can't wait to walk down School Road and Ashton lane again on my next visit.

Mum and I would take the 112 bus from Norris road thro' Sale Moor and up to Sale station, then walk down School Road to "Woolies" where I was allowed to browse amongst the toys and confectionery. Fine days

Added 05 September 2006

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