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54 The Meadows

Well, I was born at no 54. My godparents lived at no 56. Mum taught at the village school (Ingrave Johnstone Primary) and I was a May Queen's Attendant in 1970. And I remember we had a float for the Brentwood Carnival, it must have ...Read more

A memory of Ingrave in 1964

Memory Of Clayton

My parents, Alan & Jennifer Ross, moved to Clayton in 1954 when I was one year old and lived there for the next twenty five years. For most of that period Jack & Jill were owned by Henry Longhurst, a celebrated golf ...Read more

A memory of Clayton in 1955 by Jonathan Ross

Coate Water And Jill Miles.

I have very fond memories of Swindon and Coate Water in particular. I was born and brought up in Barking in Essex but my father had an old army pal, Jack Miles, who lived in Swindon ( Wells Street I think) and we would go ...Read more

A memory of Swindon in 1957 by Christopher Bowers

Stone View

My family lived at Stone View, Oving and my dad went to Oving School and was born in the bowling alley in Oving. I remember the afore mentioned names and the Butcher's Arm's public house which caught fire in the 60's. My father's name was ...Read more

A memory of Oving by Kenneth Webb

London Road Primary School

I too remember Mrs Duckworth though she was not my teacher, my first teacher was Miss Richardson and also there was a Mrs Parrott. I then went to a class run by Mrs Donnovan, Mr Baird was head master and Ms Brown was ...Read more

A memory of Burgess Hill in 1958 by Nigel Dawson

Our Holidays

As a young girl I spent many a happy holiday in a bungalow on Jaywick sea front. I used to go with my grandparents, my mum and dad, my younger sister and a family friend. Pocket money and holiday money was used to buy all sorts of goodies ...Read more

A memory of Jaywick in 1973 by Julie Robinson

Childhood In The Village

I lived in Lycett Road from 1955 to 1981, what a change! Mostly the quietness at night, no cars or buses, no people. The street lights went out at midnight. The building on the right was Woods, something to do with cars, ...Read more

A memory of Wallasey in 1962 by Billy Hannah

Chesson's Coaches

Hello Patrick, I came across your reminiscences while looking for something else - as you do! I remember Tom Chesson and his coaches, was at school with Veronica Chesson, his grand daughter and also my best friend Jill Burgess. ...Read more

A memory of Withyham in 1961 by Chris Boxall

Chapeltown Park Illuminations

Does anyone else remember going to see Chapletown Park Illuminations? It was quite a spectacle. I remember at the entrance in a small stream there was an illuminated steamboat with its paddles going ...Read more

A memory of Chapeltown in 1960 by Megan Ward

Thanks For The Memories...........

I was interested to read Elizabeth Taylor's memories of Newchurch. My brother Gregor, sister Alison, and I were born in Greendale Ave, Newchurch and all attended the primary school. I too, remember Mrs Roberts, ...Read more

A memory of Newchurch in 1953 by Lesley Parker