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"Bre's Tree" Linslade Bedfordshire

I lost my wife on new years eve 2021 following three years of her illness with vascular dementia. No one really told me how things would progress with this dreadful illness and so I just tried my hardest to cram ...Read more

A memory of Linslade by ducatee

Clare Coles Of Coptfold Hall

In circa 1964 to 1969 I was still at school in Romford ( Clark's College) and had the " hots" for Clare Coles who lived in part of the old house with her mother and father. I think he was the estate manager , he had a ...Read more

A memory of Coptfold Hall by Chris Parkhurst

Wonderful Times In Cheriton Fitzpaine

I grew up in Cheriton Fitzpaine, I lived at 1 Wordland Cross and went to the local primary school before going to the Shelley School in Crediton. I loved living in that village, I remember lots of ...Read more

A memory of Cheriton Fitzpaine in 1972 by Russell Kenneford

Henry Tingey Ancester

My great grandfather Henry Tingey, was born November 18, 1819, in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.  He was the son of James Tingey and Elizabeth Boniss.  James and Elizabeth, and family later moved from Bigglewade, Bedfordshire, ...Read more

A memory of Biggleswade by Norton Cook

Bedford....Happy Childhood Memories.

I am now in the process of establishing Samuel and Florence DAYS, then address with the Records Office at Bedfordshire County Council. Apparently Sandy Lane and Cardington Lane were mentioned many years ago as well as ...Read more

A memory of Bedford in 1953 by David Armstrong


Hello Mellissa How lovely to receive your message and memories of Country Riding stables. It would just be amazing to meet up with people who rode with us. I too have been back to visit the property and it broke my heart when I could ...Read more

A memory of Steep Marsh in 1965 by Rita Haylock

Sharpenhoe Clappers & Sundon Hills Bedfordshire

In the post was years as families rebuilt their lives again Sundays really were special leisure days and those who were able bought a small car and enjoyed their afternoon going for rides on quiet country ...Read more

A memory of Tralee by ducatee

My Youth In Stopsley And Luton Bedfordshire

When I was a very young man and I lived in Luton in Bedforshire. I remember my who my Godparents were but only by their surename of Ingham. My fathers name was E dward Shotten Stuart and my mother's was ...Read more

A memory of Luton in 1960 by Brian Stuart

Arthur Smith Was 12 When This Picture Was Taken

My dad was born Headcorn in 1891, grew up in the village. He served in the First World War and, later, moved to other areas in the south. He ceased travelling after arriving in Bedfordshire with my ...Read more

A memory of Headcorn by pashburner

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Caption For Ickleford, The Fields 1903

This view probably shows the fields and open ground at Lower Green, north of Ickleford and close to the Bedfordshire border.

Caption For Gamlingay, Mill Street C1965

Situated on the Cambridgeshire border with Bedfordshire, Gamlingay was once a thriving market town.

Caption For Edlesborough, The Ford And Mill C1965

South-east of the village, a lane crosses the county boundary with Bedfordshire along the upper reaches of the young River Ouzel.

Caption For Turvey, The Three Cranes Hotel C1950

Birds figure strongly in the coats of arms for many old Bedfordshire families, and it is likely that the cranes of the hotel's title refer to one of these.

Caption For Westoning, The Church C1960

Dedicated to St Mary Magdalene, Westoning's parish church closely follows other church architecture in Bedfordshire villages, being in the Early English style with battlements and buttresses and a tower

Caption For Turvey, The Three Cranes Hotel C1950

Birds figure strongly in the coats of arms for many landed Bedfordshire families, and it is likely that the cranes of the hotel's sign were borrowed from one of them.

Caption For Kempston, The War Memorial C1955

Commemorating those serving members of the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment who gave their lives during the First and Second World Wars, and from 1945 to 1958, the Memorial consists of a small rotunda

Caption For Dunstable, Priory Church From Meadows 1897

The priory held several estates in central Bedfordshire.

Caption For Luton, The Higher Grade School 1897

Bedfordshire County Council took over education in 1902, and it was hoped that the Higher Grade school would serve Luton's growing needs.

Caption For Kempston, The Barracks C1955

The Regimental Depot of the 16th Foot, the Bedfordshire Regiment, Kempston Barracks was opened in 1876 and the first members of the Regiment arrived in May 1877.

Caption For Bozeat, Red Lion C1950

Close to the county boundary with Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire, the unusually-named village of Bozeat was at the heart of a thriving weaving industry 600 years ago; the Weavers' Guild donated a rich

Caption For Stopsley, The Memorial C1965

This was the headquarters of H C Janes Limited, the major developer and builder across the whole of Bedfordshire during the 1950s and 60s.

Caption For Potton, King Street C1955

Bedfordshire brick and pantiles on the roofs place this row of cottages fronting on to the street in the early 19th century.

Caption For Dunstable, High Street C1955

The prominent clock tower is Dunstable's old Town Hall, superseded in 1974 when the Borough of Dunstable was incorporated into the South Bedfordshire District Council.

Caption For Totternhoe, Hill 1897

Totternhoe was the last Bedfordshire parish to be enclosed in 1891.

Caption For Potton, Royal Oak C1955

If we remember that Bedfordshire was solidly on the side of the Parliamentarians during the English Civil War, it is surprising to find a number of references to King Charles's ability to hide himself

Caption For Sandy, Girtford Bridge 1925

The bridge is built in greensand stone, which in Bedfordshire is actually dark brown owing to a high iron content in the rock.

Caption For Luton, The Museum C1955

The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regimental museum is also housed within the building.

Caption For Blunham, The Hill And Square 1968

Firmly back in Bedfordshire and heading south, our route passes through Blunham, a most attractive village, where the poet John Donne was rector from 1622 until his death in 1632, although he was also

Caption For Great Barford, The Cross C1955

Whether the Golden Cross refers to the pub's position or to its proximity to All Saints Church is unrecorded, but in 1955 it was unusual to find a St Neots brewery supplying this far into Bedfordshire.

Caption For Linslade, The Grand Union Canal C1960

Local government boundary changes brought Leighton Buzzard and Linslade together into the town of Leighton- Linslade and placed them both in Bedfordshire.

Caption For Ampthill, The Almshouses C1955

The Church Square at Ampthill, including the almshouses, is part of the second largest Conservation Area in Bedfordshire.

Caption For Maids Moreton, The Parish Church C1955

The parish church is a remarkable one, funded reputedly in the mid 15th century by two wealthy unmarried sisters from Toddington in Bedfordshire - the Peover sisters' generosity is commemorated in the

Caption For Woburn, The Park C1960

In the mid-1960s the Bedfordshire branch of the Sporting Owner Drivers Club (SODC - known as The Sods) used a steep hill not too far from the location of this picture as the regular venue