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I remember staying at Porthledden House for the summer holidays. Rambling around the Cape, fishing,swimming and cycling. Names I remember Peter Farrell, my oldest friend in this world, a chap called Jacques with whom I played tabletennis, he was about 18 and French. Then there was a really beautiful West Indian girl whose name I (...Read full memory)

My wife's great-grandparents were married in the church on 31st July 1870. Their names were Richard Trembath, born 1844, m Elizabeth Thomas by the Rev Henry Stuart Fagan. They migrated to Bendigo, Australia in 1870. Richard Thomas, first of four children, was born Bendigo, 7th Aug 1872. He later became Chair (...Read full memory)

When I revisited St Just V J Day was announced and we had fireworks from the shop in picture

This photo is of Bank Square, I was evacuated here in 1939 with brother Bob and was placed with the butcher at No16, that is it on right with white facia, Butcher was Harold Stephens, and his wife and daughter Kathleen. I still recall the fat pig in the window, holding a tray, and the shiny wall tiles. The right door post (...Read full memory)

The Cairn is one of the most popular places to visit in this area

As a 6 year old I was deposited with the Stevens family -Butchers at No 16-- this is on the right of the street opposite the white building

Many memories of playing at Priest Cove swimming pool and bent pin fishing as a 6 year old evacuee. I must have explored every nook and cranny around the headland

Cape Cornwall and surrounds gladdens my heart whenever I am able to visit.  From the first time of seeing I have loved this particular view.  We spent many happy months in this area during the 1990's and I hope to return again one day, from this distant land of Australia.