Old Maps of Stretford

Historic Maps of Stretford and the local area.

I grew up near 7 ways circle between 1950 & 1962. We lived on Derbyshire avenue, I went to Moss Park junior school then to Gorse Hill senior school. I remember my mom working at Rowans green grocery shop & me going to the sweetie shop next door, ration coupons in hand. My dad could be found in the Melville pub most (...Read full memory)

How lovely to read all comments .I lived at Five Ways opposite the Bromley boys all my childhood..used to roller skate up an down Raglan Road..hardly any cars..we used to play on railway lines comin out on Barton Road by the church an bridge. The bridge used to flood alot. I went to youth club in church hall. ALL SAINTS...oh happy (...Read full memory)