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Caption for Tideswell, The View From The Church Tower C1960: This view of Tideswell is from the pinnacled Perpendicular tower of the parish church. We are looking down on the Pot Market, where pots and pans were once bought and sold, and along Queen Street, the main shopping street of this small town on the White Peak plateau.

Memories of Tideswell

Up past the lightning tree, its trunk split in half where it was struck. Round Conjoin Lane and back home to Mum. Big brother and sister, our Vee and our George, fair-haired and handsome, this brother of mine. Our Vera is dark, beautiful and mysterious, seven years older, I love her to bits. She (...Read full memory)

My memories of growing up in 1940s' Tideswell are: navy blue knickers with elastic bottoms, gym slips and liberty bodices, awful shoes, legs like poppy stems, twirling and whirling, chalk on the blackboard, desks with inkwells, teachers so prim we held them in awe - they knew each and every one (...Read full memory)

Memories of visiting Uncle Bernard at his cobbler's shop, and smelling the leather and sweaty feet. Uncle Bernard makes crisps, peeling potatoes so thin with the knife he uses to cut leather, and the crisps taste good, Uncle Bernard is my friend. We go to the Orchard behind the Club(Ex- Service (...Read full memory)

Memories abound about my childhood, jumping and leaping like a rabbit at Eastertime. I remember staying at my grandmother's (Norah Gregory, a marvellous woman from the no-moaner generation), or at my Great Aunty Jessie's (Jessie Oldfield, who lived at Market Square in her parent's home) on weekend nights, (...Read full memory)

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