Tolworth, Red Lion Gardens c.1960

Memories of Tolworth

In the 1950's and early 60's, a Mr Seaton was the manager of The Toby Jug. I would like to trace him or his descendants in the hope of obtaining some information on a Maestrovox Electronic Organ which used to be attached to the piano in the pub dining room and dance hall for the official Maestrovox (...Read full memory)

My name is Alan Naber and in 1949 I was five years old and started my school life at Red Lion Road school. This is an account of how I saw life at that time with a few additions from other students I am still in touch with. It’s such a big world out there! Having been born under the doodlebugs and (...Read full memory)

I have vivid memories of Tolworth Broadway. As a child I was born in Tolworth (strictly Kingston Hospital in April 1948 just for my birth that is). Mum, my sister and I would go to the Broadway Co-op to shop and Woolworths and other shops. I used to play in the 'allotment' that now has (...Read full memory)

I lived in Elgar Avenue, Tolworth from abt 1940 until 1944. We left when I was about 6 having rented a house here as our house in London had been bombed. I have such happy memories. I went to a school in Grand Avenue and the number of children in class was so small compared to the bigger classes I had to go back to. (...Read full memory)

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