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Other Memories from Trowbridge

i remember having my broken nose attended to in the chemist by the park after my sister pushed me too high on the swing. That was 1960. My auntie worked at Bowyers and my mother was a cinema attendant. We lived near the old bus station. I was born in 1955 at Southway. Lovely memories of staying all day in the park with my sisters and of the open air pool.

I worked in the hairdressers Marietts in Mortimer street . The manageress there at the time was Sue Adams , is she still around ? Roy Bence owned the shop this was early 60 s .

The town hall was a place of music ever Friday night when we all used to go to Top Twenty Club and dance the night away. No alcohol allowed just coke and crisps, but what fun we all had. Now I am a member of the Friends of Trowbridge Town Hall and visit it very regularly. It has many fans who clean, and provide tours of the lovely old building. If you are interested in joining us look for our website- we would love to increase our numbers.

1950-60 My friends and I spent many happy hours exploring the old manor house; entering the wine cellars with the resident bats. We used to go out on the lake in a boat that was moored there. The house had 'twisted candy' chimney pots.

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