Other Memories from Trumpington

In 1946 my late father, Ron Goodliffe, got a job as a tractor driver for the vast Pemberton estate, and we moved into one of their tied-cottages in Swans Yard, that used to be off the High Street.  Then, in 1948, we moved into 18 Grantchester Road which is the white cottage that's set back in the photo.  In those days it was known as Dated Cottage, as it had the year 1654 on the front in ...see more

My late father worked for the Pemberton Estate as a tractor driver from 1946 to around 1958. I offer below, in his memory, an extract from the tribute I composed for his funeral in March 2005. But, there was another love in your life, by the name of Allis-Chalmers. And you spent many hours alone in her company as she ploughed each field with furrows. As a child I’d sometimes ...see more

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