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Hampshire Churches Photographic Memories

Hampshire Churches Photographic Memories

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Caption for Amport, St Mary's Church 1898: Substantially altered in the 19th century, this 14th-century church recalls the names of the family of the Marquess of Winchester, including many admirals and generals. One of them was William Paulet, one of the commanders in the Crimean War. The church, which is adorned with flags and swords, also includes a portrait medallion of the 15th marquess, who died in battle in South Africa.

An extract from Hampshire Churches Photographic Memories.

Memories of Amport

Septemeber 1950. We had just completed our eight weeks basic training at RAF West Kirby and were all eager to know where our next posting was to be. Against my name was RAF Amport but this raised a problem, no one had a clue where it was. I remembered that the education section had a map on the wall showing all RAF (...Read full memory)

my dad was born in amport his mother was eliza izzard and married his dad albert john smith , i believe she was from lower bullington andover and her mother from west stratton winchester, i have a few family letters that iv looked up, my dads mum died on christmas day aged 40 his dad died a few years earlier also 40, my dad had (...Read full memory)

My mother's name was Wiltsher, well known in Amport her grandfather had a blacksmiths shop in Sarsons Lane. At the outbreak of war we returned to live on The Green, I went to the school via a sweet shop owned by Barton Lizzy, passed a farm owned by Mr Stroud who had two sons. Milk was delivered by a man with churns (...Read full memory)

I believe my great grandfather was school master at Amport. He was William Anson and his wife Eliza. He would have been headmaster from about 1878/79

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