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Memories of Bletchley

Was'nt in the WAAF, bit too young, but I was at Bletchley Park in 1950/51, with the Ministry of Aviation, training to be a Teleprinter Op before going to Birdlip Radio Station, and then Croydon Signals Centre. We went one evening to see a production of 'The Desert Song' performed by local RAF personnel, in the village (?) hall at the (...Read full memory)

I lived in Bletchley from 1959 to 1964 I lived in Caenarvon crescent and remember the cattle market , the old RAF camp St Mary's church where my two younger brothers were christened, the Shoulder of Mutton pub was there then and I often walked past. I went to Chestnuts combined school then Wilton (...Read full memory)

My parents moved to Bletchley from London early 1953, they first lived in St George's Road before moving to 35 St John's Road when I made my appearance shortly after Christmas. So much has changed since then, but the estate is much like it was in the early years. I have such happy memories of my (...Read full memory)

I was stationed at Raf Bletchley 1950-1953 and wonder if anyone out there had a similar exdperience. At that time Bletchley was a signals station with most of the occupants working at RAF Stanbridge but having quarters at Bletchley. It was rather a small outfit - I worked at the Education Centre and for (...Read full memory)

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