Memories of Brockenhurst

My dad is Sam Collins who lived at Wisteria Cottage on railway crossing. He was born there in 1926 and left to join the army in 1943. He is 84 years old now and lives in Maidenhead, Berks. His memory of this photo is that the shop, with sun blind was a butchers shop. This was owned by Mr Gosling and (...Read full memory)

I spent eight years of my school life as a Day-boy at Brockenhurst between 1955 to 1963. Being a somewhat shy individual at that time, my presence at the school was hardly recognized. I was known as 'Twink' until my younger brother David came to the school and purloined my nickname. I did not excel (...Read full memory)

In 1932 my father Len James was moved to Brockenhurst as the 'village bobby'. I was born in 1931 and my brother in 1929. We lived in the Police house (now a renovated private home) and eventually both us boys went to the C of E Primary School. Dad had a standard issue police bicycle, on which he would ride to Lyndhurst (...Read full memory)

Is anyone able to tell me the name of what I presume is a Pub in the photo (just after the thatched cottage) - I am researching my family history and find all my ancestors come from Brockenhurst and the surrounding areas. I would be grateful if anyone was able to enlighten me about this pub name.

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