Bury, Birtle Church 1895

Memories of Bury

In the late 1960's I was a schoolgirl at the Derby School. When I began to be independent and join a tribe I chose the Northern Soul gang and sometimes I used to go to All Nighters, with my boyfriend and friends at the Twisted Wheel in Manchester. We took the last train from Bury to Victoria (...Read full memory)

During World War Two I was evacuated from London to various locations three times, the last of these was Bury, in Lancashire. My older brother and I stayed with two families sharing a house at 16 Swallow Drive in what was referred to as 'the Dickie Bird Estate.' All the street names were named after (...Read full memory)

The awnings on the left of this picture show the location of Woolworths, whilst Marks and Spencers was a little further up on the right hand side. The building immediately before Woolworths was a bank and over the top was Joseph, Thompson and Marsdens Acountants.

I used to work on the market on Saturday morning when I was not playing football for the school team (St Gabriels. I used to go around the stalls with jugs of tea and sandwiches for the stallholders. I remember the black pudding man was a great tipper, he always said thanks and gave me a tanner (sixpence) and it was well (...Read full memory)

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