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Caption for Cheshunt, Public Library C1955: The library, part funded by a gift to the people of Cheshunt by the Andrew Carnegie Foundation, was opened to the public in 1907. Designed by J Myrtle Smith, the library included a School of Art. Every detail in the building was crafted with a meticulous eye for design; the banisters on the stairs, the handles to the doors, the stained glass windows, all were manufactured for this specific building and to the highest possible standard. The first Librarian was Oswald C Hudson. He was given a magnificent annual grant of £14 to purchase new books. Such was the demand from the expanding population that new wings were added (after this photograph was taken) in 1956.

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Hi, I was in Cuffley Children's home from 1965-1972. I am trying to find anyone who went to the home and may remember me or knows anyone who went there during that time. I remember some names such as Jackie Howard - she was my best friend there, also Josemary, also Aundry, Anthony and Sandra were (...Read full memory)

Like many young folks of the 1960s who grew up in Cheshunt churchgate area, when the time came to marry you almost always chose St Mary's as the place to have your wedding. It is a lovely old church. I also have happy memories of going to church on Wednesday mornings as I was a student, or pupil as (...Read full memory)

Hi I lived in Hammond Street Cheshunt in the 1960-1970,s.My brother and I both went to Flamstead End Junior School.The Headmaster was Mr.Cave,,and my teacher was Mrs.Sibley.I have wonderful memories of living there and school.My brother and I walked to and from school up DigDag Hill does anyone remember on the left hand side an old (...Read full memory)

We used to deliver sidecars and boats made at paddy ravens to pride and Clark stockwell London.

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