Chester Le Street, Shoppers, Front Street c.1955

Memories of Chester-Le-Street

I didn't live in Chester-le-Street (I lived at Fence Houses) but I used to work at Brough's Grocery Store at the top end of the main street and then I went to work at RODNEY DRESSES factory as the wages were a bit better and I was very happy there. My friends and I enjoyed going to the Empire (?) Ballroom which was (...Read full memory)

My mother remembered being looked after by Olive and Jack Carr of Chester-le Street during her teenage years. Kitty, my mother, attended 'Chester-le-Street Secondary School' where she won a prize in 1932-33: the Theodore Francis Memorial Prize. I think at one time she was in class 5.7(g). Mother's name was Kitty (...Read full memory)

Because I was raised by my Grandparents I inherited their surname Green untill I left Pelton Modern school and started work. Mole Terrace being the street where we lived served not only as a football pitch but also cricket-rounders-hopscotch-tiggy-marbles-hoopring and sledging. Outside toilets and the Midden men (...Read full memory)

hi am asking on behalf of my mother sharon westlake she was in a housefire on April 3, 1969. it was on Albert Street, Chester-le-Street, County Durham she lost her mother june westlake at 28 yrs and siblings Diane Westlake 2 yrs,Peter Westlake 11 months old,Sandra Westlake (...Read full memory)

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