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The ruins of Christchurch's Norman castle dominate the town much less than the church of the same period. The castle was built by Roger de Redvers in the 12th century. Today its shadow falls on peaceful pursuits such as a game of bowls.

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I spent many enjoyable school holidays in this town.  My Uncle had a store called Staggs the Drapery and clothing store.  Back then we used to spend many an hour wondering over to the Quay & the Priory.  We also used to take the ferry over the Avon into Southbourne where my Aunt lived. Then we would walk to Hengisbury Head. Sometimes we would fish in the Avon.  It was a wonderful little town and when I ...see more

I was born and lived in Christchurch for 10 years (1952-1962) but still count  it as my home. Iremember walking down the High Street with Mum and my sister, when she stopped to talk to someone I looked around and saw them knocking down some building at the top of the street ready for the by-pass.

I moved to Boscombe near Christchurch in 1954 when my father's job with Williams Deacons Bank took him to their newly opened Bournemouth Branch. I was amazed! I was just eight years old and all I had ever really known in the way of public transport were the London Transport red or green buses, plus some red trams and trolleybuses. Yet here in Christchurch were bright yellow buses and ...see more

Recall using a machine on the platform at Christchurch Railway Station. It punched letters onto a aluminium nameplate strip of metal for 6d. I still have one of them. Film of the Trolley Bus circular turning table can be seen on the youtube site, plus black & white footage of trolley buses' final parade journey round Bournemouth.

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