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Memories of Cobham

My father Clive Impey,was demobbed from the forces in 1946 and at the time the shop was a shoe repair shop. He converted it to a greengrocers shop and during the next few years it became a general store. My mother Jocelyn worked and helped out in the shop. Although we lived in D'abernon Drive, I spent most of my (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember a children's clothing shop named Rosalind which was located on the same side of the street as the chemist which had a dentist's above it and near the La Capanna end of the High Street? I was taken in there during the 1960s for my clothes. Also I remember a small department store opposite (...Read full memory)

My grandfather owned the shop when it was a grocers shop from the early 1950s to the early 1970s. I vividly remember sitting in the shop while he served customers. Dad used to deliver goods to customers on a trade bike. Although we no longer live in Cobham, it still makes us very nostalgic when we drive past nowadays but it is strange to see the shop as a cottage again.

I obviously don't remember the common in 1911, but I did live in Old Common Road number 15 from about 1943 until 1955. Where the children are sitting was The Common, and a herd of Fresion cows were often grazed there. Old Common Road ran parallel to the path running past what my mates and I called Cluggies pond, so called because (...Read full memory)

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