Crawley, The Boulevard c.1955

Memories of Crawley

The Coach Station had a cafe (or restaurant) backing a large parking area for London to Brighton Southdown Coaches. It was sited 100 yards south of the County border opposite "Overton's" Beehive workshop on the main Brighton Road. Unfortunately accidents did occur involving coaches turning right (...Read full memory)

So named because members were from north of Crawley on the main A23 Brighton Road, not big enough to be a village, but a hamlet stretching half a mile north and south of todays Manor Royal Estate original entrance. County Oak boasted one general store, a garage, and occasionally an (...Read full memory)

This is the first time I have ever seen such a wonderful photo of Tilgate Mansion, other than bits of it in the backgound of faded family snaps. It means a lot to me because my father, Peter, spent part of his youth living there sometime in the late 1950s with his family (Tayman of the Crawley area) and (...Read full memory)

The picture shows the Junior School assembly hall which also doubled for PE with neatly stowed ceiling ropes and wall ladders. The headmaster was Mr Dennis who I believe lived in nearby Smalls Mead. I remember Mrs Gowings and Miss Parr who taught three generations of my family. The Infants school building (...Read full memory)

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