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Memories of Dorchester

Channon's garage at bottom of High East Street.. good memories of my mother buying me my first car...a MGB ... when I qualified in medicine in 1967. My father had been a good customer of Channon's, but had died in 1963.

Between about 1956 and 1963, every year, my Mum and I would holiday in London for a week and then visit Auntie Claire in Cerne Abbas for one week. Claire lived in Acreman Street a direct reflection that the Cerne Giant took up an Acre of land. It was a 'must' to visit the Giant every year. The memories are vivid and glorious. (...Read full memory)

We used to go in there often, and I remember one time being very confused when asked whether I wanted lemonade, cherryade, limeade or Whipsnade, 'cause I knew that was a zoo and I didn't quite get the idea of puns. Another time, being sent to the greengrocer virtually opposite there for a pound of grapes, I (...Read full memory)

To anyone local to Dorchester this was a familiar scene day in and day out for almost 50 years. My grandfather Ben Courtney started selling 'fruit and veg' in 1947 from hand-carts on the roadside. His son Doug started in 1950 and various members of the family helped out through the week. This picture shows my Aunt (...Read full memory)

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