Edgware, Railway Hotel 1948

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Memories of Edgware

I moved to Deansbrook Road in 1970, my daughter was just six weeks old. She went to Drififeld Boys Club as a toddler, kind of nursery there. The Boys Club was run by Colin Hedges. My neighbours were Gladys and Arthur on one side, Mrs Parker and daughter on other side, THEY WERE GREAT NEIGHBOURS. We had (...Read full memory)

I think perhaps the school being referred to is Goldbeaters. I attended this school in the infants and the juniors, until 1960 when I transferred to Woodcroft Girls School. Yes I too remember vividly, the live eels at Mac Fisheries. Tonibell , The Don Hair Salon where I had my ears pierced for 15 (...Read full memory)

I lived in Hatch End, and went to school in Pinner where one of my school friends, Andy Butler (where are you now Andy?) revealed he collected bus numbers! Until then, I had never thought much about buses as I was used to getting the usual red London Transport double decker bus on route 209 to school each (...Read full memory)

Hello! to all people who have lived in Edgware around about the forties or fifties even later. I know it will sound strange but my time is running out as I have passed 80, just a shot in the dark, but perhaps out there is someone who may or can remember me or my family, we used to live in Highview Gardens, then later on (...Read full memory)

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