Folkestone, Amphitheatre 2004

Memories of Folkestone

JULY 19TH 2012 JOHN MAY VANCOUVER CANADA Father family name - May. Mothers family name - Pay. Grandfather and his four brothers (on fathers side) - fishermen All born on the Stade in the harbour. Grandfather and his brothers (on mother's side) - seamen working the colliers brigs from the Tyne and (...Read full memory)

On the extreme right, you can just make out the showrooms of the Folkestone Motor Co., main Austin dealers. This became Henlys, and I worked there for a few years from around 1968 to 1977. Across the road was a nice tearooms - think it was called the Frogmore, and a smart Italian restaurant, called the (...Read full memory)

I remember the Acropolis too, and I dated Noel Redding for a short while, when I was at school, in the year above his sister Vicky. Mostly, we used the Caprice coffee bar, opposite Folkestone Library in Grace Hill, almost next door to Tofts dance hall, and opposite the Hillside club and the Empress Ballroom - where Noel used to play with his first band, the Lonely Ones

Kingsnorth Gardens has given the people of Folkestone and visitors great pleasure over the years and to this day still attracts people who want to relax on a summers day and enjoy the Gardens. In 1966 I was an apprentice electrician and was involved in installing lighting (...Read full memory)

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