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Memories of Godalming

The R.A.C scout directing traffic around the pepperpot is my Great Grandfather Arthur Bradshaw who lived in kings rd Farncombe.

My grandad had a grocers shop in Farncombe high street, Renmants. My mum, brother and I lived with the grandparents and great grandma during the 2nd world war. I can remember a German plane being shot down in Broadwater playing fields and we all went to have a look. Also,a bomb dropped on a house near (...Read full memory)

I lived here in 1959 with my Parents and my older brother my sister Ann was born in this house. I do not remember living here as I was only 2 years old. I am tracing my family tree and I cannot find this cottage on Google maps. I think the name may have changed, is there anyone out there that can help me out to find this.

73,Birch Road is where I lived from 1960 onwards. My family moved there in 1960 and I went to George Road School in 1962 during the coldest winter ever. The toilets used to freeze which was great as we would get time off as the toilets were outside. In 1964 I went to St Johns School and my teachers were; Mrs (...Read full memory)

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