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Cast a line and pull one in – a selection of vintage fishing and angling images from The Francis Frith Collection.

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Whether Harborne is famous for being a good place to catch newts and minnows is not recorded, but it was famous as a place for growing gooseberries; the annual dinner of the Gooseberry Growers’ Society was first held in Harborne in 1815. In the second half of the 19th century Harborne was something of a go-ahead place. In the 1880s it opened its own Institute and Masonic Hall, and one of the conditions of it joining Birmingham was that it got its own free library.

Other Memories from Harborne

My dad Harry Kitchener Stacey worked part time as a bar man at the Duke. I remember coming on the bus from Bartly Green in the afternoons, sometimes after finishing his shift, dad would take me to the afternoon movies just around the corner.

From 1955 to 1961 I spent the best years of my school days with wonderful friends - it was brilliant there. My teachers were Mrs Payne, Mrs Davies and Mr Griffiths. Mrs Lewis and Mrs Bright and head teacher Mr Lloyd. There was a sports ground at the back. The only problem was the toilets - they were outside and in the winter the water froze in the toilets.

I went to St Peters School fron 1952 to 1957. I love my time there. I remember the toilets in the back play ground. I also remember the school dinners they were great and cooked fresh each day. We went to St Peters church for all of the main services and my favourite was Harvest festival when we had to take our offerings to the front of the church before the service. I always took tomatoes and cucumbers as my dad grew them ...see more

We lived directly opposite the Royalty cinema so I just lifted the net curtain to see what was on. Next door was Miss Corbet and then the Co-op where we did our shopping. I loved watching them cut the cheese and weigh the sugar and send the cash on the overhead wire system to the lady in the cash box. Tuesdays and Saturdays were cinema nights and I enjoyed going to the old harborne in Serpentine Road. Queues would ...see more

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