Harrow, Station Road 1966

Memories of Harrow

The person who climbed the ladder may well have been me or perhaps my father who owned the shop. I used to help at Christmas to earn some pocket money and loved the book department, where I would fit plastic sleeves to the books. The whole place had a wonderful atmosphere and seemed vast to me (it was later enlarged) (...Read full memory)

Its amazing to think that almost fifty years have flown by since I enrolled at "Harrow Tech" for evening classes. I had just left Pinner Grammar School after A Levels and started work at the Bank of England in the City and I had been encouraged to study part time for qualifications offered by the Institute of (...Read full memory)

Having grown up in Harrow during the 1950s and 60s, how well I remember my trips to Universal Stationers, seen here at the top of Station Road close to its junction with College Road. As a child I was always fascinated with stationery items and this shop stocked everything you needed. Upon entering you would be greeted by an (...Read full memory)

My husband lived at the above address from about 1938 until 1955. I would dearly love to find a photo of his house. He lived opposite the Dominion Cinema and remembers that during the war the lights went out and how excited he was when the lights came back on after the war. Next to where he lived was a sweet shop. (...Read full memory)

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