Memories of Hawick

I well remember being at Heronhill (St Helens) and Miss McDonald the headmistress. I don't think I recall the horses but there was a rope swing at the stables which we used to play on , also there were great trees to climb past the tennis courts up toward the Anderson shelter. I later discovered when doing some family research that my grandfather was born at Heronhill stables in 1876.

Heronhill , off Weensland Road was the mansion house where there was a boarding school for about fifty four girls and a few very small boys. The school was called St Helen's, between 1945 and 1949. The headmistress and owner was Miss Jean Macdonald; I went to school there. There were stables off the main drive which were filled by (...Read full memory)

Did anybody attend a very small school called lyne school. Only about 13 people in the whole school! The teacher was miss/Mrs moncrief.very happy memories. It was near lyne Kirk where my name Jim shepley or edward shepley appears on the christening roll of honour. Have visited this little church many times. My sister was (...Read full memory)

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