Memories of Kew

Miss Cary was short and stout with grey hair in a bun. She always wore a cameo brooch on a white silk blouse, grey skirt and sensible shoes. She was kind and patient, she was also my first teacher. One day as the mothers picked up their children she announced, 'Tomorrow my class is going on a day trip, the children will (...Read full memory)

I was born in Kings Farm Avenue, just off Manor Road in Richmond in 1964. When I was a baby we swapped council houses with my Uncle and moved into 28 Sandycombe Road - this was to be my home until 1987. My grandparents lived at number 103 and were almost opposite the corner shop, when I was a very small child it was run by an (...Read full memory)

This photograph of the Pond was taken from a position at the top of Priory Road, the street where I was born in 1950, at No 43. The Pond was always a focal point for myself and my sisters during the fifties and early sixties. I remember many an occasion walking on the white railings pretending to be a high wire expert. (...Read full memory)

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