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West Yorkshire Photographic Memories

West Yorkshire Photographic Memories

The photo 'Leeds, Briggate 1951' appears in this book.

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Caption for Leeds, Briggate 1951: The heart of the city for 800 years, Briggate leads directly off the Leeds Bridge. A major redevelopment in 1870 brought many new shops and arcades to the thoroughfare. The last bow-windowed shop here, William Green's, was demolished in 1922, and the last surviving medieval building on Briggate, Wallis's Hosier and Glover's, was taken down and replaced by Timpson's shoe shop in the year of this photograph.

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Memories of Leeds, Briggate 1951

This photograph shows a Wednesday afternoon, early closing day, hence the low volume of traffic and few shoppers. The year is definitely 1951. On the left is myself and my apprentice electrician seen manhandling the long ladder outside William Timpson's shoe shop. The other people are just members of the (...Read full memory)

This pictures evokes such wonderful nostalgic memories that I have it framed and it hangs on my wall. My mother originated from Leeds and as a child I spent a number of happy times there, sometimes with a distant relative in the Burghley area, but others at Parker's (another distant relative) Commercial Hotel opposite the (...Read full memory)

In 1960 I was a very young Police Constable at Dewsury Road Police Station. One of my duties was traffic duty at the bottom of Dewsbury Road. I think it was at the junction with Great Wilson Street and Meadow Road (not sure), by the toilets. Would like to see a map of that junction to remind me of how it (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember Hart's Department Store which used to be next to Matthias Robinsons? I remember going to Leeds from Ilkley on many Saturday afternoons - pre-war - the car was parked behind Lewis's! Shopping done and afternoon tea taken at a reserved window table at Matthias Robinsons - lovely orchestra playing in the background. (...Read full memory)

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