Memories of Leverington

Hi - I dont know when it started or ended - but I was a part of it in the seasons 1975 and 76. It was at that time mainly Egyptian and Turkish students coming to make a few quids under the pretention to be learning English. I had at that time no idea about the muslim sacred ideas of what to eat or not to eat, or (...Read full memory)

One year I arrived early the day befor the camp was due to open.With nothing much to do I gave Joan I think that was her name .She was to be in charge of the camp .That night we all went to the pun in Wisbech .When there Joan offered a job in kitchen.I thanked her and said that I would rather work in the field .There (...Read full memory)

Even to this day if I hear the above I go back to Leverington. It is a Saturday Afternoon in June. We have all had a hard week picking strawberries - it is now time to relax, we are all sitting in the camp lounge room. Someone has just put on a record "Unchanged Melody" A French boy and (...Read full memory)

I wonder if any of rour readers might have any Old Photos of Leverington NUS Camp around the late 50's. I think at that time it was all tented accommodation. You could post it on The InterNet. Or I can let you have my E-Mail address. Thanks, John.

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