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Churches of East Cornwall Photographic Memories

Churches of East Cornwall Photographic Memories

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Caption for Lostwithiel, Wesleyan Church 1906: Using granite with Bath stone dressings, the Wesleyan chapel in Restormel Road cost £1,600 when it was built in 1880. The top of its 70-feet spire is seen above the roof ridge. The chapel has been demolished and the road widened, although a small part on the far side survives as a private house.

An extract from Churches of East Cornwall Photographic Memories.

Memories of Lostwithiel

This photo shows (just) the shop unit (on the right behind the post boy on the pavement, currently the Londis store) which I believe formerly housed famous Cornish mineral dealer Richard Talling's "Fancy Repository" (Mineral shop) from around 1844 until his death in 1883. I would very much like to (...Read full memory)

Packed off to Lostwithiel in the train from Paddington and found myself living in the Black Prince's Castle - Restormal. Well not quite, the farm on the Estate. I was baptised in St Winnow C.of E Church as part of our peregrinations and ended up living on Bodmin Hill in one of the terraced houses near the top on (...Read full memory)

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