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Memories of Maidenhead

I am wondering if anyone remembers my grandfather Dr. Kenneth (Ken) Simon. He had a practice in Maidenhead in a house called Marlborough along the river next to the sounding bridge but the entrance to his surgery was at the back entrance. His patients included the actress Betty Davis who used to stay at Skindles Hotel, (...Read full memory)

I am wondering if anyone remembers my grandfather, Dr. Kenneth Simon, he used to have his surgery just down the road from Skindles, and amongst other guests looked after the actress Betty Davis when she stayed at the hotel. Also, my grandmother Phil Simon and my mother at one point ran the pub inside Skindles hotel back in the (...Read full memory)

Hello! Help wanted! In tracing my family history, I have been given many old photographs, and one of them shows my grandfather (Albert Badnell) standing outside his shop. I believe it may be where the general store is in Belmont Road, but can anybody confirm this for me? The shop in the photo is definitely on a (...Read full memory)

Ken Simon was our family doctor in the 40´s as was his father before him. Their surgery was at the bottom of Castle hill, on the left going up the hill in a big old Victorian property, they were both very caring.

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