Memories of Northwich

A regular feature of Saturday mornings was walking ( very carefully ) along the slightly hazardous foot-way across the top of the lock gate on my way to visit my grandparents in Moss Road. This was the short cut also taken by those teachers at the Grammar School who lived the other side of the Weaver. I recall Mrs Aplin saying that she got inspiration for her art classes of each day on that walk.

Once a year all the pupils of Sir John Deane's walked over to Witton Church for a Founders' Day Service. I think we were all pretty over-awed by the building and we certainly sang our hearts out. We were all encouraged to sing by Mr Horrocks, an enlightened music teacher who was also organist at the church. I remember being (...Read full memory)

I recall Mr Harry Shaw and his car. He was a philosopher and social commentator as much as a teacher. He taught me much more about life than he did about technical drawing. In fact, my class always tried to get him to expound on some contemporary social topic. Once he got going, we knew that we would do no more (...Read full memory)

Living in London Road within earshot of the long goods trains struggling across the viaduct up the bank with a load of limestone for ICI I loved lying in bed listening to the steam engines. I believe the engines were often the Black 5's with a distinctive voice which still gives me a thrill today, and as for seeing a preserved one today !!!! Heather Morrey ( nee Swindells )

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