Purley, Woodcote Valley Road c.1960

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Memories of Purley

Someone mentioned the outdoor pool. We used to go there all the time in summer. I was up by Purley airport. I can remember also there was a scare about polio and my Mom wouldn't let us go there at that time.

I lived at 50 Foxley Lane, Purley with my parents and brother from the late 40's until 1960 when we moved to Harrow, Middlesex. My Dad worked in London and commuted each day. I remember catching the bus to Wallington and attending Collingwood Girls school where my friend and I were the trusted ones to wash up in Mrs Hollis's (...Read full memory)

We lived at 18 The Bridle Road (off Foxley Lane) for many years. Attended Collingwood Boys' School (Wallington) - great school for punishments; Woodcote Secondary (like a holiday camp after Collingwood) and Purley Grammar School (Old Coulsdon - now demolished?). Remember walking home in the evenings after school with (...Read full memory)

Me and Robin Webb's girl friend walking back to South Croydon Secondary after a disagreement about a girl. Can't remember her name, we was on the largo field behind the school. Circa 1964.

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