Memories of Ramsbury

My grandmother and grandfather lived in Oxford Street, and I remember how my mother would bring me to see and stay with them from time to time, I even remember going to the village school on one visit, I think I was about 8 or 9 yrs old, the year was about 1936. I'm 85yrs old now and live in Australia, but often take a walk (...Read full memory)

that is where my grandmother was born .Catherine miller

I went to school in Ramsbury from about 1959/1961, I remember the head teacher being a Mr Eastoe, I liked Ramsbury because we all used to gather at the river to go swimmimg, we used to buy an inner tube of a car at the local garage for 6 pence (old money of course).  I'm sure half of everybody who went to the river (...Read full memory)

Some time in the late 1950's, my best school friend's family moved to Ramsbury and ran the Post office. I used to catch the coach from London every year to stay with them during the summer holidays, and we had fun playing in the stream that ran across the bottom of their garden. Sadly, I have lost touch with my friend, Pat (...Read full memory)

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