Memories of Shalfleet

My aunt and uncle ran the New Inn in the 1930s and 1940s, possibly before. Their names were Patrick Huston and Annie Huston. Also living with them in the early 1940s were my grandmother, Mary Evans, and my Auntie Lou. I lived in Portsmouth and remember being sent by my parents at the outbreak of war in 1939 as they (...Read full memory)

I have found out my gt gt grandfather ran the New Inn in Brighstone. His name was Job Hawker, his wife was Lucy, she was a Gillingham. I know his residence was the New Inn at the time of his death in 1924. I also have many postcards of Brighstone and Newport around the 1900s.

I remember when my dad brought a run down derelict building across the road from the New Inn. As a child, a building site was a wonderful play ground. He restored it with oak beams and York stone floors, I only wish we still owned it, the tranquility of Shalfleet seems so desirable now compared to London, ahh, feet up in front (...Read full memory)

My late mother told me that she was related to Miss White, daughter of the Rev. Richard Walton White. His daughter left the manor and or land to Captain Macpherson in 1911. Although we have no claims on this family, we have no first names of Miss White or Captain Macpherson's nephew for our family tree. Any historical history and or photographs would be great.

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