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Memories of Smethwick

Yes I went to Smethwick Hall Girls from 1990 until it closed. Was very sad as the school had such amazing facilities. I got a better education because of it closing though. Does anyone remember the head teacher’s dog? I used to walk it most lunch times. My siblings also went here before me....including a brother over at the boys school.

I remember as a child flattening out card boards boxes, as we lived on Great Arthur Street, Smethwick, the gardens led onto the canal banks and my brother and my cousins used to slide down to the bottom - what a thrill - and trying to get back up before our father came home! There was a type of pub shop on the corner that sold (...Read full memory)

I was born and bred in Smethwick, my nan lived on Windmill Lane where i spent most of my time as my mum was a barmaid at the Cape of Good Hope pub opposite the Mitchell and Butlers Brewery, it's now a Macdonalds. Whilst working there she was spotted by the bosses from the brewery, who drank in there, and was (...Read full memory)

It was about September that the bombers came over Smethwick. They dropped their bombs all over Smethwick aiming for the factories. We were in the cellar when the bomb dropped on Smiths Foundry in Brewrey Street. The police came down the the street telling everyone to get out as the water mains had been hit, (...Read full memory)

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