Old Maps of South Ockendon

Historic Maps of South Ockendon and the local area.

We were the Brooker family and lived in Anton rd from the early 50s . our next door neighbours were the Harringtons. Myself and 2 of my sisters went to Lennards. I was there from 1960 until 1966. I married in 1969 and became a Savage. I have happy childhood memories of living in ockendon on the "estate" not the (...Read full memory)

I started school at Benyons infants in 1959. Mrs Taylor was the headmistress. Then progressed to the juniors. Some of the teachers I remember. Mrs Beaver, Mrs Parks, Mr Heath and the head master Mr Impey. After Benyon, I decided I had enough of Girls, and went to Culverhouse Boys. Realised my mistake about 2 years (...Read full memory)