Stafford, Victoria Park 2005

Memories of Stafford

Hi, I was born 43 Tixall road and my Grandmother was at No. 45 we would walk into town via the River Sow to the baths with towel under our arms. Or into town to Woodalls for material or wool and on market day there would be flags for your donations and into the old market with the smells of fruit and veg . Around the back (...Read full memory)

I was born in Wales but moved to Stafford with my parents and brother when I was 3. We lived on Sabine Street and I went to St. Paul's school and then to Riverway. We moved to Exeter Street when I was about 11. I got married in 1978 and moved to Canada in 1981. Looking at these pictures, I feel very homesick. I (...Read full memory)

The Perry family owned 2/3 businesses on Mill Street, but the corner building on the left, at the corner with the over- hang was run (owned?) by my step grandfather Samuel Perry in the 1930's/ 40's, maybe even either side of these dates. My father, William (Bill) Hales told how as a single man, along with friends they would pay to (...Read full memory)

I grew up on the Weston Park Estate and my close friends were Ann Parker and Linda Jay, as we all lived a few doors away. We used to go to Riverside disco approximate 1970 and the Young Farmers disco on Friday nights at the County Showground. Also the Yeoman, the rugby club on the Newport Rd I think, the (...Read full memory)

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