Old Maps of Twycross

Historic Maps of Twycross and the local area.

Memories of Twycross

Read and share your memories of Twycross itself or of a particular photo of Twycross.

I remember moving to Twycross with Mum and Dad (Leslie and Louie Jones) and it was in the middle of the war.  Dad had to go into the RAF and I remember going to Atherstone Station to meet him one day when he came home on leave. He was in the RAF for about two years he then returned and went to work back at (...Read full memory)

My parents moved to Twycross from London in the early 1960s. We lived on Sheepy Road next door to Mr Charlie Brooks and Louie Jones. On the opposite side were Stan and Ilma Jones and Len Gibbs and his daughter Joan. I remember there being a family whose surname was Talbot in the big house opposite us, but (...Read full memory)