Old Maps of Waterlooville

Historic Maps of Waterlooville and the local area.

I went to Pendeen School in the early forties. It was on the left just a short distance down Stakes Hill Road. I lived in Keydell Avenue, Horndean and travelled by Southdown Buses 40, 41, 42 and their respective a's and b's. Entering Waterlooville from the north and on the left I remember with many spaces in between: The (...Read full memory)

Reading all these memories brings back mine. I lived in Waterlooville from 1945 (I was born in Jubilee Road Nursing Home) to 1966. We lived in Winifred Road, and I went to the Infants in Stakes Hill Road, then the Tin Hut, and back to Stakes Hill Road. My dad worked in Lloyds Bank which was next to Wadhams. My teachers (...Read full memory)