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Grinding wheels turned by wind – evocative photographs of windmills in bygone times from The Francis Frith Collection.

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Caption for Willingham, The Mill C1955: Cattell's Mill is a black-tarred weatherboarded smock windmill on an octagonal single-storey brick base. The photograph shows the mill in the last years of its working life; it is reduced to two sails. Built in 1828, it ceased working by wind in about 1962. Privately owned, it is now restored complete and is sometimes open to visitors.

Memories of Willingham

I remember staying in the Black Bull, run by my grandad, grandad Lack. In the back garden was a huge willow tree and in one of the outhouses all the metal tops from the beer bottles were discarded. I used to sit in the tap room and look though the net curtains smelling strongly of cigarette smoke at the (...Read full memory)

My great great grandfather was born in Willingham, his name was Joseph Lack. Many of my family are buried in the churchyard. I have not been to Willingham yet but hope to do so in the near future. I feel that I know the place so well even though I haven't been there. I am researching my family history, and found that they come (...Read full memory)

Hi everyone, does anyone know if there are any early graves in Buntisham? I am talking of 1600 -1700 up till 1800, the name Lack. I know of quite a few in Willingham church, but also have details of births and deaths in Bluntisham and Longstanton. I am a desendent of the Lacks, most of them were carpenters, as was my (...Read full memory)

Hello again. I don`t know when Grandad Lack was born. I have no contakt with any of the Lack family because my mother remarried after my father Eric Lack died. Let me know if you find a link between the Lacks Anna Stearn

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