Virginia Water, Holloway Sanatorium c.1955

Memories of Virginia Water

My family lived in Greywell House from 1955 when I was 9 until about 1965/66. I attended Runnemede House School in Rusham Park Avenue in Egham for a few years then moved on to St Brigidine's Convent in Windsor. I would like to know if Greywell House still exists and if anyone has any memories of their own (...Read full memory)

The ballroom had huge paintings on the walls. In particular I recall one of Sir Walter Raleigh. The patients' dining room had those lovely murals. We were issued a key which unlocked all of the doors in the hospital and Lindsay Smith House. Dr. Nugent lived in the staff cottages across the street. I babysat (...Read full memory)

Does anyone have any memories or photos of the garage at station parade, I lived there from 1957 to 1960 at flat Number 3, the building was typical of the 1930s with white rendered walls and castle style crenelations at the top. I recall the neon signs at the front elevation of the building ( glowing in red and (...Read full memory)

i started as a cook then as plumpers mate in the late 60s ive been up the tower witch was the holding the water tanks.the padded cells were in the basment at the front of the building,they still had some of the the time my mum worked in the laundry down the hill.there is a tunnel witch runs from the (...Read full memory)

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