Virginia Water, Holloway Sanatorium c.1955

Memories of Virginia Water

As A child my father worked for qantas and we were sent to live in England from Australia. For a few months in1968 we lived in Badgers close not Badgers hill. Has this road been renamed?

Because there have been dishonest, fraudulent replies to my memories, for future correspondents I shall ask certain specific questions regarding Holloway Sanatorium that only a person who had worked there would know. PH.

The ballroom had huge paintings on the walls. In particular I recall one of Sir Walter Raleigh. The patients' dining room had those lovely murals. We were issued a key which unlocked all of the doors in the hospital and Lindsay Smith House. Dr. Nugent lived in the staff cottages across the street. I babysat (...Read full memory)

I moved to Sandy Lane, opposite Lindsey Smith nurses' accommodation in Virginia Water. There were twelve of us auxillaries from Scotland as far as Kent. We all used to go out to the local pub by the station, The Trotsworth, and ask for a glass of water if we were feeling the pinch. (...Read full memory)

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