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Other Memories from Walcott

I was born on this caravan site in 1945. The Second World War had just finished and the barbed wire for coastal defences was still coiled on the sand dunes. My father was a Tank Driver in the Royal Sussex Regiment stationed at Walcott in case of a German invasion. My mother actually lived on the Caravan Site. I would love to receive any information about the site or area around it. Ron

My mother and us 4 girls stayed every year for several weeks of the summer holidays. I was the eldest (born in 1935). Our Dad came down from Norwich at weekends. This was probably about 1945 - 1953. My mother was a sports teacher before she married and she only had to come down to the beach and numbers of kids suddenly appeared and we all played French Cricket or another game organised by my mother and had a whale of ...see more

I suppose I was ten or younger when we first stayed on the Cliffside Caravan Park. Aunt Doris had a single decker bus that she converted to a caravan. Her son, my cousin Michael, slept in the cabin - the rest of us only allowed there by invitation. The entire place was curtained and complete. Beds packed one end, to be seats by day, curtained-off across the adult's area. They made their beds later after an evening of ...see more

As a very young child, probably aged about 3 or 4, my family rented one of the cottages close to the cliff side at Sea View Crescent on two consecutive years. I remember the drive down Ostend Road, where lots of the bungalows had model windmills in their gardens. One night, probably in 1966 or 1967, there was a terrific storm. I remember vividly the sea foam on the windows and my brother saying to keep the ...see more

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