Old Maps of Warsash

Historic Maps of Warsash and the local area.

Memories of Warsash

Read and share your memories of Warsash itself or of a particular photo of Warsash.

My earliest memories of Warsash was when I was 15 years old and being driven from Southampton, by my father, to look at a factory he had recently bought on Warsash Road. The 'factory' turned out to be an old motorcycle workshop previously owned by a Vic Collins, a local celebraty at the time. Vic was a (...Read full memory)

I grew up in Warsash (Fleet End) in the 1950s and a friend of mine lived in one of the cottages shown. His aunt produced hand-painted watercolour postcards, one of which I possess. It was obviously painted from this photograph, as it shows in almost every respect an identical view. The only things different are the (...Read full memory)