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Poole and Sandbanks Photographic Memories

Poole and Sandbanks Photographic Memories

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Caption for Westbourne, County Gates 1913: This gateway was called Packe Gates when it was the entrance to the long drive to clifftop Branksome Tower, built for Sir Charles Packe in 1852. The lodge became known as County Gates because this junction on the main Bournemouth-Poole road was also the boundary between both the two towns and Hampshire and Dorset. The building was demolished in 1975, but the pedestrian archway can now be found in Branksome Chine (just south of Wilderton Road). The Avenue was the main drive to the now demolished Branksome Tower, which in 1890 became a popular hotel. Poole's tram line was laid as far as County Gates in 1901; it joined to Bournemouth's existing network four years later.

An extract from Poole and Sandbanks Photographic Memories.

Memories of Westbourne

It's a few minutes before 8.30am, and I've just returned with the newspaper for Dad bought from the Riviera Hotel next door. I have to rush downstairs again in time to ring the gong for breakfast - Mr Lacey, the owner of Westhaven Guest House, always lets me ring it before breakfast and dinner, so (...Read full memory)

When living in Reading, my family spent most of our holidays in Swanage. At the time we had little money and had to put up with chalets in residents' gardens. I'm sure, some were converted garages! We found Studland Bay (now known as "Knoll Beach"). In those days most of Purbeck was owned by (...Read full memory)

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