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Caption for Weymouth, the Sands c1955: Here we see the southern end of the sands on a very crowded day in the 1950s, with the cranes of the harbour and Nothe Fort in the distance. The bathing machines are but a memory, as thousands of tourists struggle into their swimming costumes concealed only by a very large towel.

An extract from Weymouth Photographic Memories.

Memories of Weymouth

My first girlfriend went on holiday here in 1955 so I waited impatiently for a letter from her. Lovely memory

I was born in 1952. My Mum and Dad were brought up in Weymouth and although they moved to Gloucestershire after the war, all four grandparents remained in Weymouth. So the whole family, which included my three sisters, would catch the train from Stroud or Stonehouse and spend the entire long school holiday in (...Read full memory)

It was the year before I married that my husband to be and myself went on a vacation to Weymouth. We had a lovely time, the weather was just glorious for us. We always said that when we married we would revisit Weymouth. Well, we did in the year 1968 with our first born she was 4 years old at that time. I remember (...Read full memory)

My dad lived in Weymouth for several years. His father worked for a dairy and later ran a kind of dairy shop in the town. The family were based at Chickerell Road. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers him. gconnatty@gmail.com

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