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Caption for Whitby, Abbey 1901: It was here in the 7th century that St Hilda founded one of the most famous monasteries of the Anglo Saxon world. Here worked Caedmon, the first recorded English Christian poet. The ruins are of the abbey that replaced the first one in the 13th century. Adjacent to the Abbey is the parish church of St Mary’s, which is reached from the harbour by a flight of 199 steps known as ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. St Mary’s was made famous in Bram Stoker’s novel ‘Dracula’.

An extract from Nottinghamshire Photographic Memories.

Memories of Whitby

Became the Smugglers Cafe I think

Wonderful Experience spent my sixteenth birthday at the school, Memories fade, I believe my house master was a Mr Morrell? My badge was all blue, I had to go to his room for my assessment sat in front of a blazing log fire. We had a lecture by I believe a famous mountaineer (the 1st Ascent of the Mustagh Tower!!?) one of the (...Read full memory)

The shop on the left belonged to my Great Aunts Jinny (Jane) and Polly (Mary) Hoggarth. It is No 53 Baxtergate, Whitby and on another photo we have seen looking from Wellington Road over the top of the shop it says Newsagents, but no actual name. They previously ran a shop at 16 Bridge Street. They sold (...Read full memory)

This is the Peart family. Amelia the eldest aged 17 holds her baby brother George. Next to her on the rock is Robert Leadley Peart and at her side is Robert's twin Matthew. Next to Matthew is Jane (known as Ginny) and then Tom. Ginny was born 18th September 1884 and was six years old in this photograph. Robert (on the rock) (...Read full memory)

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