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Caption for Windermere, The Baddeley Clock C1955: This clock is a notable landmark by the side of the road connecting Windermere with Bowness. It was erected in 1907 as a memorial to M J B Baddeley, whose guide books were greatly esteemed at that time and for much of the earlier part of the 20th century. The inscription reads: ' To preserve the memory of Mountford John Byroe Baddeley (the thorough guide), erected by public subscription from friends and admirers in all parts of the British Isles'.

Memories of Windermere, the Baddeley Clock c1955

When I was young I played in the clock gardens for many hours along with my elder sister Hilary, we made dens and played house. Mum knew where we were as we lived at Sunnybank House in Princes Road. Later on I worked in Kendal as a hairdresser, so after work I would get off the bus and see Baddeley clock and know I was (...Read full memory)

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