Memories of Winterton-on-Sea

This photo stirs memories of West Somerton, my 1940's and 1950's childhood home. We kids trying to fish with bamboo stakes, string and worms, sitting beside serious fishermen on these banks. Then there was the time the river froze, we investigated and my sister went through the thin ice. We were wary of the river, (...Read full memory)

Eddy Shreeve was my great-great uncle, he was a coastguard at Winterton during the 1950s. He then went on to be a coastguard at Yarmouth. He retired to Walton on Naze befor he died in 1985 aged 78. Does anyone have any information or stories about Eddy? We would be very grateful if you would email some (...Read full memory)

Edward Shreeve was my father. In 1955 we were living in Great Yarmouth where Dad was Station Officer in the coastguards. I am trying to work out who your grandparents are as either your grandad or grandmother must be my cousin? When we lived in Great Yarmouth Walter and his family were in Norwich. (...Read full memory)

Eddie Shreeve was my grandad. He was posted to Walton on Naze Coast guard. It was here that his daughter met her future husband, who was also living in the coast guard houses in Walton. My mum and dad, still live there. I have put 1975 as the year of the memory as that was the year that I was born and still have a (...Read full memory)

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