Brampton Bierlow ~ Concrete Cottages - a Memory of Wombwell.

I was born in 1936 at Concrete Cottages - Brampton. I would appreciate any photos of these old miners' cottages. My sister Margaret died there at the tender age of 10 years. My father was a miner at Darfield Main, we moved to Rother Street when I was 5 years old. I remember moving our few sticks of furniture on a horse-drawn coal cart, I was allowed to hold the reins, I felt like John Wayne in 'Stage Coach'. I remember the prisoners of war working in the fields, we would throw stuff at them and they in turn would throw whatever vegetables they were picking at us scruffy kids, we would collect the veg and take it home to a very appreciative mother. When I was twelve I was offered a part time job with the salesman on Tingles Ice Cream of Wombwell, this was a horse-drawn cart. On my first day we went to Wath, he went into the pub and left me in charge, I could not use the sandwich maker properly and gave every customer sixpenny ices for two pence, I was sacked when he came out of the pub. He made me walk home behind the cart whilst shouting abuse at me, he kept calling a "Little Runt". I know I was little but he couldn't say runt properly, maybe because he had been drinking :-). I started work after leaving school at Whitworths Brewery Wath upon Dearne. I was a team rider with the Wombwell Wheelers Cycling Club, we were poor but we had such great times. My family moved to London when I was 17 years.
We (the gang) would go to Wentworth Woodhouse and climb over the wall into the orchard and greenhouses where there were wonderful fruits growing all year round.
Henry Ellis
Co-author of Positive Aikido

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Tue Mar 27th 2018, at 9:53 am
wmc007wmc commented:
Just found out my grandma and grandad lived here ( according to the 1939 register... No 70 ) dad was born in these concrete cottages in 1944, any one who can show me what they looked like would be fantastic....ty
Mon Feb 26th 2018, at 9:35 pm
annettespark commented:
Hi Joyce, I would love to see your photos of Concrete Cottages.
Wed Feb 21st 2018, at 12:51 pm
Hi Henry Eliis, I'm currently working on a project about Brampton Bierlow and Cortonwood for Uni, Could I use your memories/photos please for this project, also anyone else on here who would be happy to let me use your memories please. msg me on Facebook Mags Butcher thank you x
Tue Feb 13th 2018, at 10:39 pm
joyce.dent commented:
I have a few pictures of the concrete cottages and a booklet that was published about them
Wed Jan 31st 2018, at 11:14 am
Emma Bennett commented:
Does anyone remember the turner family who lived at 73 concrete cottages - Fred and Esther were the parents and their daughter ivy had a daughter in 1932 called June who went on to be a journalist
Sat Jul 23rd 2016, at 2:49 pm
clairem071 commented:
I am trying to trace some family. My grandfathee was William Taylor . I am trying to find his parents ancestry. They are Annie Taylor and Jo Taylor. Joe was killed in a pit accident circa 1921 . Annie was Annie Thornton before her death. My Grandfather had brothers Bert and Wilfred. His sister was Florence .
Fri May 20th 2016, at 9:19 pm
Sylvie Greeves commented:
At the end of the concrete front row of cottages was a little shop run by a lady called Mrs Drew, a few of us used to go over from the infant school to buy an oxo cube or sweets at dinner time. Happy days,
Tue Oct 20th 2015, at 10:05 pm
Henry Ellis commented:
Concrete Cottages were 18th cent colliery houses, it was a place that Hitler refused to bomb as he believed no one would believe he had bombed it.
I think there were 17 rows of flat roofed terraced houses on a hill over looking Cortonwood Colliery - the top row was approx. 6 houses - widening to approx. 20 houses at the bottom, each house had a large cellar.

Location -Location: If one was to walk past the ` Four Shops ` ( if they are still there ? ) towards Wombell - there is a lane before the railway line that leads to C/wood - the hill where I believe there are bungalows now - is between the four shops and the said lane - This was the depressing sight of Concrete. It was known to many as ` Palestine `.
Everyone was so poor, but at the end of WW2 they put on great street parties for returning prisoners of war - with bunting made from any old krap - food was on rationing until 1954 - but people made cakes and to me as a kid it looked great.
Tue Oct 20th 2015, at 8:58 pm
willibet88 commented:
Hi I'm 27 live in Brampton been fetched up here what are the concrete cottages ? And we're about was they located please
Thu Nov 13th 2014, at 5:51 pm
muckstacker commented:
I've just found out that my grandad james lenaghan once lived at 74 concrete cottages in 1942 mi grandma daisy. He sadly died in war 31st May 1943 age 21.thanx to this page I now how where these cottages were.cheers mark haywood

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